Oscar Chavez
  • Billion Dollar Sales and Marketing Engineer
Oscar has sold multi-million dollar contracts to the largest enterprises in Australia
  • Mentor/Coach and Board Advisor to 500 Startups and 75,000 Entrepreneurs
Oscar has seen every situation and can help people create a World Class Pitch
Jacob Galea
  • Australia's #1 Transformational Coach
Jacob gets real results and has a history and proven track record transforming athletes into stars
  • Australia's #1 Mindset and Success Coach
Jacob has done business in 18 countries, trained 10,000 executives and added over $504 million in client deals
Apply now for your opportunity to work with World Class Experts to help you Pitch, Sell and Close
  • Calling All Sales Executives
If you want to further your career to close bigger, better deals and become the #1 Sales Executive in your space, then this training is designed specifically for you.

World Class Pitch will turn you into the World Class Sales Champion you know you can be.
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